The Algarve Tech Summit

The Algarve Tech Summit

This week for the first time, we saw the Algarve Tech Summit begin. The aims of this event are to promote the tech ecosystem within the Algarve, to attract international companies and investors, as well as digital nomads and remote workers to the region. 

The Algarve Tech Hub, comprises of over 50 technology companies, accounting for around €120 million in revenue. The goal of the summit is to bring those in the tech industry together, attract investment, help generate new business ideas and inspire budding entrepreneurs. 

The tech scene in Portugal has seen impressive growth and has changed quite drastically ove the last several years, and the tech scene in Algarve is no exception. It’s a region that’s famous for its fantastic weather, gorgeous scenery and sandy beaches and has been attracting more and more long term residents from across the country and overseas. 

The event is also focusing on businesses and services in the region that can benefit from better digital tools, such as those in the tourism, hospitality, health and agriculture sectors. 

More recently, an increased number of remote workers and those with online businesses have been coming to the area with plans to relocate or stay for longer periods of time, leading to a shift in the region’s demographic. 

On April 1st, there will be a lecture named “WorkAnywhere” held at the tech summit, aimed at promoting the Algarve as a destination for remote workers and online business owners, showcasing the many lifestyle and business advantages of working from this region. 

There are around 500 people from across the world thought to be attending the summit in person, with many more participating in events online. Many local businesses and groups have already participated in talks and lectures and will continue to do so over the next few days.  It’s great to see the Algarve being put on the map in this way!