The Algarve - Paradise in Southern Europe

The Algarve - Paradise in Southern Europe

With 300 days of sunshine each year and 125 miles of breathtaking coastline, it’s not difficult to see why the Algarve is such a popular destination for tourists and expats alike. 

The scenic coastline of the Algarve boasts 87 blue flag beaches, an award given based on safety, cleanliness, and water quality. Amongst the golden cliffs, there are also a myriad of smaller beaches, caves and coves, which look particularly beautiful against the turquoise waters of the Algarve

Perfect for Nature Lovers

Beyond just beaches, the Algarve is home to a diverse range of natural landscapes and wildlife. There are five different natural parks in the Algarve, the most famous of which is Ria Formosa Natural Park. These natural parks not only offer a wonderful scenic escape but are also crucial for maintaining the biodiversity of both flora and fauna in the Algarve.

Just a 40-minute drive from the coast you’ll find the mountain range Serra de Monchique. From Foia, its highest point, you have spectacular uninterrupted views across the Algarve. Monchique is famous for its wonderful nature and the highly alkaline water of the spa town Caldas de Monchique. The waters of Caldas de Monchique have attracted people since Roman times, due to their supposed healing properties.

Thousands of Years of History

The region of the Algarve has a rich and important history spanning over 3000 years. The south coast of Portugal was occupied by many different groups over this time period, including the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors. As such, the Algarve is home to many historical cities and sites.  

The diversity of cultures over the history of the region have had a lasting effect on the region, and the influence from different groups can be seen in the architecture, cuisine and traditions. Silves, Faro, Tavira and Castro Marim offer some of the best historical sites in the area.

A Popular Holiday Destination

The region is peaceful and the population density is quite low, but obviously increases in the summer due to seasonal tourism. With this, more bars and restaurants open up and events take place, which is a nice change of pace from the quieter winters. The boost in visitors is fantastic for those investing in properties to rent. Tourist rentals offer high returns.  

Whilst the cities in the region aren’t as big as Lisbon or Porto, you’ll still have access to the majority of the same services and amenities, including access to good public and private healthcare and public services. Faro airport has direct connections to many European cities. From Faro, you are just a two and half hour drive from Lisbon and less than two hours from the Spanish border. 

Life in the Algarve

The Algarve is far more than just beaches and golf resorts and many expats choose to reside here full time. From Faro, Lisbon is only a three-hour drive and the Spanish border is only an hour away. There are great transport connections to the rest of Portugal and to Spain, and you can fly to numerous different cities across Europe from Faro airport. 

For those with children, the Algarve has many excellent international schools with a variety of different curriculums, so you are sure to find somewhere to suit your family's needs. There are also many excellent private healthcare clinics across the region, where you can find English, German and French speaking medical professionals as needed, and if you obtain residency then you are able to access public healthcare in Portugal as well. 

Despite the region becoming quieter in the winter months, life still very much continues in many towns across the region. Many bars, restaurants, and shops remain open out of the high tourist season, especially outside of resort towns, so there will still be plenty of places to choose from in the quieter months. 

Whether you’re looking for a full-time home or an investment property, you are sure to find something to suit in the Algarve. There are plenty of wonderful towns and cities both further inland and across the coast to choose from.

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